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Bette Simpson

This is to recommend Bette Simpson as a most capable, hard working and trust worthy Realtor and human being. My brother passed away leaving an estate which included a large house and all the contents. I live too far away to leave my house bound wife since I am her sole caregiver. A friend of ours was living in Florida and visited the property to report on the condition of the property. While she was there Bette Simpson stopped by to offer her assistance as a neighbor. My friend contacted me with some bad news; the house was in deplorable condition and it was full of a bewildering array of furniture and personal belongings. However my friend told me Bette Simpson was a realtor and she should be considered to list and sell the property. After my speaking to Bette Simpson I decided to list the property with her due to her interest in helping me in my awkward situation. I can’t begin to tell you all she did, but it included overseeing everything from locating the help of cleaners, lawn service, estate sales company, pest control, mold remediation, air conditioning replacement, and plumbers. This put the house in shape to sell at a fair price without my having to exhaust the estate assets. Bette always kept me informed and frequently gave me excellent advice and support. So this recommendation is obviously enthusiastic and without reservation. Should you need to speak to me, Bette will give you my contact information and I will be glad to answer any questions.
Tom M. McLean, VA.