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Bette Simpson

Now that we have finally settled into our new home in Gainesville, I want to write a review of the exceptional service that our realtor, Bette Simpson, provided for us throughout our purchasing transaction. There was never a time when we had a question that she wasn’t available to us 24/7. There was never any problem that came up that she didn’t do her best to help us resolve. Because we were living in Miami, she served as our eyes and ears in Gainesville, and she showed herself to be completely trustworthy, honest, and professional. She helped us through the whole purchasing procedure, from finding inspectors. to locating painters and handy men to locating a wonderful moving company who was the best and who treated us with dignity and respect. Both my parents were realtors and they went out of their way to help people. But I must say that Bette went even beyond that. She was extraordinary, and I give her my highest recommendation. She is the best. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Becky L. and John M. Gainesville, FL