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Mike Hastings

We contacted Mike for the first time on a Friday. By that night, he had already sent us a preliminary list of homes. That Saturday, we sent him a list of comments for each home and by that Sunday (on a holiday, no less), we were looking at homes with Mike. What we were most impressed with initially, and why we ultimately chose to work with Mike, were his rapid responses back to us. Later, it was his attention to detail, calm nature, and his sense of humor when we knew for a fact we made the right decision with Mike as our real estate agent. We were only able to look at homes on the weekend, which was totally fine with Mike and every time we went out with him, we were blown away by how quickly he was picking up on what we wanted in a home. On the weekdays, he would send emails with homes he thought we might be interested in. Ultimately, it felt like he was giving us all of his attention even though we knew he was concurrently working with others. While looking at houses, Mike never rushed us. As first-time home buyers, we relied heavily on Mike’s opinion. His opinion never seemed biased in any way. He always had great criticisms on the house, and always offered thoughts on each house that we would never have thought about otherwise. We eventually found ‘the’ home. That process seemed stressful at the time since others were also looking into buying the house as well. Mike handled the negotiation process with ease. He also handled every aspect of the closing process. We were very satisfied with our experience with Mike. By anecdotes, we have always heard of other real estate agents that was were little too pushy (those that would push for certain times to views homes, those that would push for certain homes over others). Mike was never like this. Mike always worked with us. Ultimately, we would not be sure why anyone would choose anyone, but Mike and we would highly recommend him for anyone looking to buy a home.